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Lug Type Wafer butterfly valve

Size Range: DN50-DN150

Pressure: PN6/10/16、5/10K、CL150、Table D/E

Body Materials: Ductile Iron

Seat Materials: EPDM/NBR

Disc Materials: DI/SS304/SS3016/C954

Stem Materials: 45#/420/SS304/SS316



Applicable medium:Water and neutral liquid

Suitable temperature:- 20 ~ 120 ℃

Application field: Water supply and drainage, water treatment, water conservancy projects, etc.

Product advantages:

1.Bundor patent products, patent certification.

The product side flanges comply with national, German, Russian, American, British and Japanese standards and other domestic and international standards for multiple pressures, easy connection and wide adaptability, which can reduce the type of purchase and stock.

2.Soft back with wide side seat

Soft backrest wide side valve seat, is advantageous to the valve installation, in the pipeline and flange boss contact surface is wide, sealing performance is reliable. Life is longer than a hard back. And easy to remove and replace.

3.Valve body using Akzo Interpon600 powder

Aksu Interpon600 powder was adopted, and the adhesion grid method was adopted to pass the test in grade 0-1. The impact strength was 50kg.

4.Body side flange bolt holes facilitate valve end connection and sealing

Body side flange bolt hole processing, the use of special equipment, drilling, tapping at the same time, ensure the bolt hole position and vertical degree, conducive to the valve end connection and sealing.

5.Reasonable design and convenient operation

The upper flange platform is higher from the center of the valve body, making the medium temperature not easy to be transferred to the driving device, which is convenient for operation.The distance between the neck is larger, which is good for heat preservation.

6.As for the products of Bundor, they are insured by the Pacific insurance company with the quality of 10 million yuan, and the warranty lasts for 2 years. If they are damaged within two years, they will be compensated for the product's quality problem without any conditions.


Parts 1   2   3   4   5    
Name Body   Seat   Disc   Stem   Handle    
Material DI   EPDM   SS304   420   DI    
Size   L L1 L2 ΦD0 Class150   PN 16   PN 10  
DN NPS(inch)         ΦK n-M ΦK n-M ΦK n-M
50 2" 43 79 161 86 120.7 4-5/8" 125 4-M16 125 4-M16
65 2 1/2" 46 82 175 101 139.7 4-5/8" 145 4-M16 145 4-M16
80 3" 46 95 181 121 160 8-M16 160 8-M16
100 4" 52 114 200 144 190.5 4-5/8" 180 8-M16 180 8-M16
125 5" 56 125 193 171 215.9 8-3/4" 210 8-M16 210 8-M16
150 6" 56 139 209 200 241.3 8-3/4" 240 8-M20 240 8-M20
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